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 Michigan Fugitive Recovery,  Contact us today!
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Kane Co.
Auburn, MI 48611
Fugitive Recovery

Michigan Fugitive Recovery

Our first priority is the apprehension of the fugitive in a timely manner,
while maintaining a strict code of conduct.
Kane Co. is a registered DBA with the state of Michigan whose primary
business is serving the bail bond industry. We are dedicated to providing
cost-effective apprehensions. We also do DNAs (do not apprehend)
and locate investigations, for surety skips only. We use the latest
in “skip-trace” technology, and the world's largest data base.

Michigan Fugitive Recovery

Kane Co. warrants that it is experienced in the field of fugitive
apprehension and it stays current with all laws and information necessary
to conduct itself in a professional manner. Our agents have not less than
five years experience and must be graduates of a bail enforcement school
or have law enforcement background.

Michigan Fugitive Recovery

Kane Co. shall protect the public, as well as its agents while
ensuring a secure, safe and humane apprehension. We will maintain
a climate that promotes professionalism, respect, dignity and integrity,
thereby protecting the bondsman.

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